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(Will in Neighborhood Schools!)

ASC is committed to providing unique opportunities for young people to experience 

Shakespeare and the performing arts as a living experience which engages them 

beyond the classroom.  Please see below for a variety of education offerings.

Weekday Student Performances

Students may attend a weekday 10am performance, specifically geared toward middle

 and high school ages.  Each performance is followed by a talkback with the actors and


At the request of the school, a study guide can be provided in advance.  Study guides

 are developed to create a richer experience at the theatre, and reflect NJ's Core

 Curriculum Standards. (click here for more information)

This Season’s Student Matinees:

Romeo & Juliet -  (click here for more information)

October, 2017 - Dates TBA

$10 per student, teachers and chaperones free

For tickets: click here

In School Workshops

ASC believes that text work is the key to Shakespeare: character objectives, subtext  

and emotion are all found through his poetic devices, sounds and rhythms.  ASC’s in 

school programs emphasize direct, active student engagement and participation.

 Students dive into actual scene work, out loud and on their feet, learning not only the 

plot, but digging into the language, conflicts, and moral questions of each play. 

Emphasis is placed on specificity of text, using words as tools to unlock Shakespeare’s 

meaning, with a hands-on, participatory spirit.  Students are also encouraged to 

improvise texts in their own words; physical and vocal warm ups are used to support 

creative freedom. In the words of one of our students: I like when we were able to 

interact with you all, because so often we get people who come in and want to talk us 

to death, but you allowed us to play a part.”

Workshops range in length from one day to several weeks, and can be tailored to

 your curriculum needs and time availability.  Please contact Education Director

 Timur Kocak for more information: click here.

Weekend Workshops at the Theatre

Coming Soon!

Please click here to let us know if there are topics you’d like to see covered (acting, 

stage combat, playmaking, etc.).  We welcome your input.